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Access connected data and solutions across the entire healthcare ecosystem

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Drive outcomes in the complex global healthcare system

To act quickly and confidently, you need access to connected data and solutions across the entire healthcare system, all while keeping the patient journey at the heart of everything you do.

  • Understand the right R&D strategy to best drive innovation and support your portfolio strategy
  • Plan your clinical trials to best address patient needs
  • Improve the probability and speed of regulatory approvals
  • Align your IP strategy with your business and R&D strategy
  • Pursue the right portfolio strategy to maximize investment returns
  • Build the right commercial strategy to gain market access, drive adoption and maximize price throughout the product lifecycle

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At Clarivate we’re proud of the life-changing partnerships we have with our customers, and the end to end role we play in developing healthcare with a human heart. Watch the video to learn more.

Clarivate acquires Patient Connect

Combined organization will help life science companies make confident, data-driven decisions tailored to their patient population.

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Insights and information, backed by robust data

Our Research Intelligence Cloud makes it easier for you to collect, analyze and gain precise, actionable insights across the entire R&D lifecycle, meaning you can make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  1. Access billions of data points from thousands of sources through a single source
  2. Inform better decision-making with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across your teams with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations

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Innovation insights

Get analysis and insights on what’s happening around the life sciences and healthcare industry.

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