Bulgaria Economic Survey 2023

Bulgaria’s convergence towards more advanced economies has continued but at a slower pace. Soaring energy and food prices have pushed up inflation to its highest levels in decades. However, support packages and strong momentum in wages and pensions have stabilised purchasing power.

Bulgaria Economic Snapshot

OECD Interim Economic Outlook, March 2023

Short-term economic prospects have improved, helped by lower commodity prices and the reopening of China, with global growth set to pick up moderately and inflation declining gradually. However, downside risks predominate.

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Israel Economic Survey 2023

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Israel Economic Survey 2023

Czech Republic Economic Survey 2023

Spillovers from Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine have derailed the Czech Republic’s post‑pandemic recovery and further disrupted the impressive catch‑up with OECD average incomes seen in the previous two decades. Inflation is high and a tight macroeconomic policy stance is needed to restore price stability.

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Czech Republic Economic Snapshot

Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches

The Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches (IFCMA) is an initiative designed to help improve the global impact of emissions reduction efforts around the world through better data and information sharing, evidence-based mutual learning and inclusive multilateral dialogue.

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Indicators of Product Market Regulation

Pro-competition regulation in the markets for goods and services can help boost living standards, can raise output per capita by increasing investment and employment, and can encourage firms to be more innovative and efficient, thereby lifting productivity. To measure countries’ regulatory stance and to track reform progress over time, since 1998 the OECD has been producing a set of indicators of product market regulation (PMR). >> Access the PMR Indicators